1. apricotica said: That makes me feel so raped. :(
  2. elizabethplaid said: Thanks, but I’m pretty sure Jez already has dibs on you.
  3. monkeyfrog said: Liar.
  4. sparkgrrl658 said: thanks :) (see? see how that can work when you’re not writing like a privileged douche?) or, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE
  5. thisistheglamorous said: FUCK YOU.
  6. karsonk said: *blushes*
  7. quetaratara said: Such a nice creep, you are…
  8. friedlinguini said: My pretty.
  9. embracethelost said: Gross.
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  11. runonsentencesaboutemotions said: So’s your face!
  12. sunshineandanxiety said: Creeper.
  13. jennipur said: how DARE you, sir!
  14. tbridge said: JERK.
  15. jezebelthegreat said: Stranger danger! STRANGER DANGER!