Hiding Tumblr Posts (Firefox only)

You don’t want to unfollow a person but you’d like to clean up your dashboard a little by collapsing certain posts…

  • You’ll need the Greasemonkey add-on running. If you’re installing it now, it will require a Firefox restart.
  • Install the Tumblr Savior script from userscripts.org.
  • Read over the complete instructions for modifying it here OR right click the monkey icon, Manage scripts, select Tumbr Savior from the list on the left, click the Edit button, find your notepad.exe program (c:/windows/) to edit the file.
  • Edit the var blackList and var whiteList lines, putting terms in ‘single quotes’ and separating them with a comma (just as the sample terms already are).


  • Topics - Blacklist current events like “Super Bowl” or “Words With Friends”. Get rid of memes like “25 things” or other things that don’t interest you.
  • Users - Put someone on “ignore” by adding their user name to the blacklist. Want to ignore all “Super Bowl” posts except from UserX? Add their name to the whitelist.
  • Post Types - If you’re not interested in seeing the new question/answer posts, add ‘post_question’ to the blacklist.

Hidden posts will show as collapsed posts with the text “You have been saved…” and a link. You can (carefully) edit this text in the same same file as your black/white lists if you want to shorten it.

Most importantly, don’t use this tool to be a dick - people will know.

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